Advantages of Using Fat Tire Electric Scooters

Electric scooters

Micro mobility has arrived!

A new wave of small personal vehicles has hit the scooter industry. Electric scooters are personal, spacious, and less time-consuming for traveling shorter distances. People have become more accepting of these glorified toy bikes that appear on bike lanes and can bypass the traffic.


Evolution of Electric Scooters (E-Scooters) or Micro Mobility

When we talk about micro mobility, we don’t talk only about the size of the vehicle. We also discuss features like passenger load, power capacity, maximum or minimum speed ranges of the fat tire e-scooters. It helps to think that fat tire fat tire e-scooters are regular bicycles but motorized to get more traction.

Urban transportation in the USA already has a dedicated space for bikes. It is in these lines that most innovation can occur, with fat tire e-scooters being the beginning.

E-scooters are an example of what automobile industry leaders can achieve. New sleeker designs are expected to hit the market soon.

Pandemic has brought the aspect of shared commutes to light. People are hesitant to use shares transport such as cabs and subways. It is being predicted that people might shift towards a more independent type of transportation.

E-scooters are more park-able and more sensible than a bicycle. Also, they are more affordable when compared to traditional motorcycles. More power seems to flow towards fat tire e-scooters who have a bright future.


Past and Future Together

E-scooters have roots going back to at least two centuries, with bicycles leading the way. The 1990s saw the razor kick scooter, and then came the small electric motors of various types.

These included skateboards, hoverboards, and roller skates. But the last few years saw great mileage in eco-solutions taking over urban mobility. The latest fat tire e-scooters use GPS tracking and battery connectivity.

The commercial launch of fat tire e-scooters happened years ago, and there has been an impressive scale-up of sales in the market. Autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification of lightweight vehicles is the next chapter the automotive industry has begun writing.

From 2006 to 2012, fat tire electric scooters contributed to one percent of the annual bike sales. In 2013, 1.85 lakh US customers purchased them. It is estimated that more people from the urban part of the US will adopt the e-scooter culture.

With more people shifting their focus to lightweight vehicles, the public transportation system may take a hit.


Impact of E-Scooters on Two-Wheeler Industry

The two-wheeler industry has a bright future because of the innovations it is brought into practice and fat tire electric scooters being just a part of it.

The exact impact of fat tire electric scooters on the two-wheeler industry is hard to explain as this part of the automobile industry is still growing. One thing that stands out for sure is the adaptability ratio. The new fat tire electric scooters are more potent in design and usage.


Advantages of fat tire electric scooters


  1. Portability: Did you think you could pick up your ride, lock, and stash it in a corner? E-scooters are highly portable, and this feature gave more power to personal transport. They are light, easy to fold and store. Motorized bikes are great, but you would need a license to take them out and about.
  2. Eco-friendly: Since when did transportation become eco-friendly? This question can get tossed in the past because fat tire electric scooters redefine the measures taken to tackle global warming.  E-scooters give out reduced emissions and are leading the revolution by being front runners of eco-friendly modes of transport. They are affordable and bio-conscious, which makes them great traveling companions.
  3. Noise pollution: Apart from fat tire electric scooters, every other mode of transport emits noise. E-scooters are the new whisper-quiet transport option that takes you places but silently. Your neighbor who works late into the night and is sleeping next door wouldn’t hear a thing every time you use your e-scooter as it doesn’t make a jarring sound.
  4. Movement: Transport did make us lazy and immobile, but fat tire electric scooters turned this around. An e-scooter might not help you with cardio but does help you find balance. The small distances covered to socialize or get to work can be taken via fat tire electric scooters. They help in activating the core and improving balance. Also, they are an excellent substitute for chairs and car seats, don’t you agree?
  5. Safety: You can step off the e-scooter to avoid tripping or bumping accidents. E-scooters can be fast and fun, but they also let you be in control to feel more safe and secure. Cycles, roller skates, or hoverboards do not offer immediate brake solutions like fat tire electric scooters.


Two-wheelers are a personal option that people love to exercise. It remains to be seen if the two-wheeler industry can address the issues like seasonal challenges and insurances. All-in-all fat tire e-scooters have become a part of our fast-paced lives.

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