Why are Electric Scooters Gaining Popularity in the Market?

What if there is a way to save both money and humanity?

Wait, wait! This is the real thing — this is about fat tire electric scooters. And it is time you knew more about them.


Why So?

The world is finally waking up to the fact that it can indeed escape the chokehold of fossil fuels. This is because of the recent developments in the electric vehicle segment.

E-vehicle technology has become more reliable recently. Better motors give them power on a par with their combustion engine counterparts. Better batteries give them greater range. And, better electronics help them weather the elements.

Nonetheless, many of us are still skeptical about the reliability of these machines. Here, we discuss why fat tire electric scooters are the next big thing and why they are gaining popularity.


The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost everything human. One of them is transportation. For decades, major cities have been asking their residents to use public transportation. They wanted to reduce traffic congestion caused by cars hauling just one person.

When the pandemic hit, however, traveling in crowded public transports became suddenly dangerous!

This situation brought the benefits of the humble e-scooter into sharp relief. They are compact and offer ridiculously cheap travel. If one doesn’t want to buy one, one can rent it from companies like Lime, Bird, or Spin. These tiny machines significantly reduced the cost of observing social distancing.


Savior of Cities

If you live and work in a city, you know that reaching your workplace is an everyday battle. A major contributor to these traffic snarls is cars on short-distance trips. 46 percent of cars plying the US roads are on trips of fewer than three miles.

Electric scooters have become the balm for this urban predicament. Compact and portable e-scooters give their riders flexibility no other vehicle can. What’s more, governments around the world are also prioritizing them over petrol scooters. For example:

  1. A) Milan will transition 35 kilometers of normal roads to paths for walking and cycling.
  2. B) Paris turns fifty kilometers of its roads into bicycle lanes. It plans to spend $325 million to upgrade its bicycle lanes.


Fun Factor 

Yes, they save money, but there is something else that makes fat tire electric scooters so appealing — fun. You see, most of us have used push scooters in our childhood, and, boy oh boy, we enjoyed them like anything!

When e-scooters hit markets, many adults got a chance to relive this experience. And, save the planet while at it!

Moreover, the machine is light and compact, meaning you can use it to get around most of the city. They are also fast enough (up to around 15mph) to get you to your destination in time.



Now, let’s home in on the biggest appeal of fat tire electric scooters — stopping climate change on its track. Awareness about environmental protection is increasing by leaps and bounds. People want to cut back on their carbon footprint. And e-scooters give them a viable option to do so. What’s more, they also save lots of money in the form of fuel expenditure. So, it’s a win-win for both the Earth and us!

Also, the carbon footprint left behind by their manufacturing is a fraction of that of cars. New technologies, especially in batteries, give new iterations of e-scooters a greater lifespan. All these features combine to make e-scooters appealing to the young and the old alike.


Ease of Operation, Maintenance 

We come to the last and often overlooked advantage. Anybody can operate an electric scooter, provided they are above 18 years of age and hold a license. The machine is foldable, and you can carry it with just one hand. This is a tremendous boost to mobility in a cityscape, dotted with curbs and steps.

As for maintenance, an electric scooter has fewer parts. This means fewer chances of your machine breaking down. Anyone, regardless of their mechanical savviness, can thus operate one.


Advantages of Electric Scooters over Petrol Scooters

Electric vehicles are, surprisingly, not a new phenomenon. They have been around since the first half of the nineteenth century. (Remember, this was a time when horses still ruled the streets!)

Nonetheless, they failed to impact human mobility as the internal combustion engine did. People were not ready; some argue.

Well, guess what, people are ready now (though they took a full one-and-a-half-century for that!). This article discusses what makes people transition from petrol scooters to e-scooter.


Saves a Lot of Money

The greatest advantage an electric scooter has over petrol one is running cost. You can save a lot of money by not spending a penny on petrol for your daily commute.

With fuel prices going through the roof, this benefit of fat tire electric scooters is turning a lot of heads. Also, fat tire electric scooters are the most affordable e-vehicle in the market right now. You can buy one for under just $100!


Comfortable Commute

There is hardly any vibration or noise, unlike those combustion-engine scooters. Since they don’t need any fossil fuel, there is no noxious exhaust. You don’t have to worry about changing oil or coolant. Since there are fewer parts, the chances of your e-scooter conking off are also fewer.

Another aspect that should come under comfort is that you can carry them! Yes, many e-scooters (the push-scooter type especially) are foldable.

This means that there is no place you can’t get to in a city with an electric scooter. If you run into steps, just fold it and carry it till you reach a path conducive to its operation.


Charging Time is Not a ‘Disadvantage’

Critics of fat tire electric scooters often highlight their charging time as a major drawback. But, to someone who commutes just 10km daily, this is hardly a disadvantage. You can charge your scooter either at home or office. The power consumption is pretty low, and you will not even notice a change in your electricity bill.

Moreover, governments are building charging ports and allied infrastructure for e-scooters. Meanwhile, they are also mulling the idea of battery-swapping. If the latter method finds currency, you can ‘refuel’ an electric scooter much faster.


4) As Eco-friendly as They Come 

Now let’s address the elephant in the room — fat tire electric scooters don’t pollute. They have zero-emission and thus eco-friendly. If you care about climate change and the threats they pose, then an electric scooter is just the thing for you.

The adoption of fat tire electric scooters (or any electric vehicle) will also set off a domino effect. The climate-change debate is forcing governments to rid power grids of traditional plants.

The heavyweight among these plants is coal and crude burning thermal power stations. Such plants spew tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every second.


5) Breaking Sedentary Lifestyle

This might sound ludicrous, but when was the last time you stood for some time? With time, humanity spends more and more time sitting and less and less time standing. Nowadays, you can do almost everything sitting down.

This is one habit that fat tire electric scooters intend to break. Traveling on your e-scooter (push-scooter type) standing up helps you improve your balance. And the more body balance you have, the higher is your mobility and health. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can skip your workout! No, but transitioning to an e-scooter from your petrol one is indeed a start to a healthier life.


Safer Mode of Transport

Electric scooters (especially those push-scooter types of childhood fame!) make you feel safer. This is because you don’t have to ‘climb’ onto a two-wheeler as in the case of bikes and motorcycles; you just step on to them. So, when there is a threat of collision, you just have to step off the scooter.


Parking, Flexibility

Electric scooters are compact little machines that you can park almost everywhere. They don’t take up much space and thus less likely to obstruct the passage of others.

You don’t want to park it outside?

No problem! You can fold it (much like you fold a foldable bike) and carry it indoors.



It is not true that e-scooters require entirely new infrastructure. Most cities around the world already have infrastructure conducive to e-scooters. You can use the bicycle paths of your city to ride your e-scooter. And many countries around the world are transitioning car lanes to e-scooter lanes.

You see, we are on a threshold to a great change. It is the change for a better and healthier future. Our decisions now are going to determine how closely we bring that future. So, decide accordingly. Give us a call at (858) 769-6450 to know more about fat tire scooters.


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