7 Environmental Benefits of Using Electric Scooters

  1. Reducing Carbon Footprints

The untapped deposition of carbon footprints by vehicles is a rising concern today. And it is degrading environmental health.

Carbon dioxide and other CFCs are a major threat to the environment. And vehicle emissions are the biggest contributors to these greenhouse gases.

As per EPA, a fuel or gas-powered vehicle emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of CO2 in a year.

So, the best alternative to curtail the carbon emissions altogether is electric scooters.

If we replace single-passenger cars with electric scooters, there can be a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.

Considering a car’s lifecycle from manufacturing to maintenance, it produces 7x more CO2 than an electric scooter.

  1. Efficient Energy Utilization

Environmentalists would always praise a vehicle that offers high energy efficiency. And electric scooters deserve plentiful applauds for the same reason.

An average gasoline-powered car weighs 4,100 pounds. Now, if we consider the average weight of an American, it is about 175 pounds.

That said, the weight of a car is about 23 times the person it carries. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the car is using most of its energy in just propelling itself.

Now, a decent and fast full-size electric scooter just weighs around 100 pounds to 120 pounds.

So, one kilowatt-hour of energy propels a car just about 0.85 miles. Meanwhile, the same amount of energy can propel a full-size electric scooter up to 30 miles.

  1. Lower Maintenance and Fewer Parts to Replace

The maintenance cost of electric scooters is comparatively lower than gasoline-powered two-wheelers.

Gas-powered vehicles have a higher number of maintenance parts. These include the engine, gearbox, and supporting mechanics.

An electric scooter has 3 maintenance parts that include – the body, battery, and wiring.

Meanwhile, the gasoline-powered scooters have added engine parts that require higher maintenance.

The higher number of maintenance parts also reduces the overall energy efficiency. And they have a higher impact on the environment.

  1. More Eco-friendly Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of an electric scooter is shorter than that of gas-powered vehicles.

Manufacturing of gasoline-powered vehicles has added processes like:

  • Engine manufacturing process;
  • Engine assembling with the chassis; and
  • Engine testing process.

These processes hint at a considerable impact on the environment. It is owing to increased machine haul. And engine testing processes also produce a considerable amount of emissions.

With no engine components in electric vehicles, these processes are automatically eliminated.

Moreover, there is less waste produced in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles.

The vehicle testing procedures, in this case, are eco-friendly with less CO2 emissions.

And so, electric scooters manufacturing has a lower impact on the environment.

  1. A Potential Alternative to Car-pool System

Though there is a continuous push towards popularizing the carpool system, it isn’t yet accepted well.

In the US, 76% of working professionals cover their daily commute alone in their vehicles.

Moreover, over 90% of these vehicles are gasoline-powered vehicles.

That said, this approach of travel has a critical impact on environmental health.

Electric scooters can be an efficient alternative to the carpool system. As more working professionals start using electric scooters, environmental health will improve.

Moreover, certain governments give incentives for owning electric vehicles. Plus, with individually owned vehicles, you do not have to face the cons of carpooling.

It is an emission-free way of transport, without compromising on your travel experience.

  1. Reduced Noise Pollution 

An electric scooter does away with an internal combustion engine unit. And so, it is a noise-free way of transport.

Using electric scooters in an urban environment reduces the noise pollution level significantly.

A reduction in noise level also creates a calmer environment. It further lowers average mental stress levels.

Moreover, using electric scooters will considerably grow space utilization efficiency.

There will be lower traffic delays, less ideal-time emissions, and increased travel efficiency. These factors translate into improved environmental health.

Moreover, the government can increase the efficacy of route planning. With better space management, there can also be a reduction in the rate of road accidents.

  1. More Compatible with Renewable Energy Sources

Electric scooters usually don’t have a hybrid setup. And they depend entirely on electric energy.

That said, they do not need any additional fuel except an electric charge.

This makes these vehicles more compatible with renewable forms of energy.

Renewable sources of energy include solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, etc.

And using green energy or renewable energy compliments environmental health.

Now, a majority of renewable energy sources produce energy in the form of electricity. So, you do not have to further convert this energy into another form. And you can use this energy in its direct form to charge your electric vehicle batteries.


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