Are they easy to ride?

The wide tire and footboard construction makes these fat tire scooters incredibly easy to ride.  The first time on is easy, you just need to get used to turning with a wide tire and good to go!

Are They Fun?

Heck yes they are!  Rhino Fat Tire Scooters are an absolute blast to ride.  Whether you are cruising through your neighborhood or on vacation, they are incredibly fun.

How fast to they go?

Rhino Fat Tire Scooters reach speeds up to 30mph on flat road environments.  They have 3 speed modes so you can adjust the desired speed as needed.

How Much Are they?

Rhino Fat Tire Scooters product line starts at $1,650 and can cost upwards of $2,600 with fully custom options.  All models have the same core features that set us apart from the competition.

Are They Durable?

Rhino Fat Tire Scooters are extremely durable.  We spent hours testing in desert terrain and extensive road testing.  Like everything, you and only push these to a certain point, but these will last a long time with normal to heavy use. 

What happens if I break something?

Our scooters are built to last a lot longer with replaceable batteries and replaceable parts.  If you get a flat tire, wear down brakes or battery starts to die, you can order replacement parts and your scooter is like new!

Can They Get Wet?

The mechanics and battery are protected by a water resistant casing, however if fully submerged in water there is a high risk of failure.

Are they Beach friendly?

All Rhino Fat Tire Scooters are beach friendly, but we recommend the Off-Road Rhino model because the battery is below the seat and off-road tires make it ideal for the beach!

Are they easy to steal?

All come standard with anti-theft system.  They weigh 120lbs and are difficult to move and steal.  We recommend parking in a garage or safe environment to reduce risk.

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