7 Environmental Benefits of Using Electric Scooters

  1. Reducing Carbon Footprints

The untapped deposition of carbon footprints by vehicles is a rising concern today. And it is degrading environmental health.

Carbon dioxide and other CFCs are a major threat to the environment. And vehicle emissions are the biggest contributors to these greenhouse gases.

As per EPA, a fuel or gas-powered vehicle emits approximately 4.6 metric tons of CO2 in a year.

So, the best alternative to curtail the carbon emissions altogether is electric scooters.

If we replace single-passenger cars with electric scooters, there can be a drastic reduction in CO2 emissions.

Considering a car’s lifecycle from manufacturing to maintenance, it produces 7x more CO2 than an electric scooter.

  1. Efficient Energy Utilization

Environmentalists would always praise a vehicle that offers high energy efficiency. And electric scooters deserve plentiful applauds for the same reason.

An average gasoline-powered car weighs 4,100 pounds. Now, if we consider the average weight of an American, it is about 175 pounds.

That said, the weight of a car is about 23 times the person it carries. And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the car is using most of its energy in just propelling itself.

Now, a decent and fast full-size electric scooter just weighs around 100 pounds to 120 pounds.

So, one kilowatt-hour of energy propels a car just about 0.85 miles. Meanwhile, the same amount of energy can propel a full-size electric scooter up to 30 miles.

  1. Lower Maintenance and Fewer Parts to Replace

The maintenance cost of electric scooters is comparatively lower than gasoline-powered two-wheelers.

Gas-powered vehicles have a higher number of maintenance parts. These include the engine, gearbox, and supporting mechanics.

An electric scooter has 3 maintenance parts that include – the body, battery, and wiring.

Meanwhile, the gasoline-powered scooters have added engine parts that require higher maintenance.

The higher number of maintenance parts also reduces the overall energy efficiency. And they have a higher impact on the environment.

  1. More Eco-friendly Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of an electric scooter is shorter than that of gas-powered vehicles.

Manufacturing of gasoline-powered vehicles has added processes like:

  • Engine manufacturing process;
  • Engine assembling with the chassis; and
  • Engine testing process.

These processes hint at a considerable impact on the environment. It is owing to increased machine haul. And engine testing processes also produce a considerable amount of emissions.

With no engine components in electric vehicles, these processes are automatically eliminated.

Moreover, there is less waste produced in the manufacturing process of electric vehicles.

The vehicle testing procedures, in this case, are eco-friendly with less CO2 emissions.

And so, electric scooters manufacturing has a lower impact on the environment.

  1. A Potential Alternative to Car-pool System

Though there is a continuous push towards popularizing the carpool system, it isn’t yet accepted well.

In the US, 76% of working professionals cover their daily commute alone in their vehicles.

Moreover, over 90% of these vehicles are gasoline-powered vehicles.

That said, this approach of travel has a critical impact on environmental health.

Electric scooters can be an efficient alternative to the carpool system. As more working professionals start using electric scooters, environmental health will improve.

Moreover, certain governments give incentives for owning electric vehicles. Plus, with individually owned vehicles, you do not have to face the cons of carpooling.

It is an emission-free way of transport, without compromising on your travel experience.

  1. Reduced Noise Pollution 

An electric scooter does away with an internal combustion engine unit. And so, it is a noise-free way of transport.

Using electric scooters in an urban environment reduces the noise pollution level significantly.

A reduction in noise level also creates a calmer environment. It further lowers average mental stress levels.

Moreover, using electric scooters will considerably grow space utilization efficiency.

There will be lower traffic delays, less ideal-time emissions, and increased travel efficiency. These factors translate into improved environmental health.

Moreover, the government can increase the efficacy of route planning. With better space management, there can also be a reduction in the rate of road accidents.

  1. More Compatible with Renewable Energy Sources

Electric scooters usually don’t have a hybrid setup. And they depend entirely on electric energy.

That said, they do not need any additional fuel except an electric charge.

This makes these vehicles more compatible with renewable forms of energy.

Renewable sources of energy include solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric energy, etc.

And using green energy or renewable energy compliments environmental health.

Now, a majority of renewable energy sources produce energy in the form of electricity. So, you do not have to further convert this energy into another form. And you can use this energy in its direct form to charge your electric vehicle batteries.

The 7 Myths about Electric Scooters

  1. These Scooters Offer an Inconvenient Ride Experience

It is a myth. Electric scooters offer a comfortable and convenient ride experience.

They follow the same weight-balancing principles as gasoline-powered two-wheelers.

In fact, electric vehicles drop heavier components like an engine, tank, and gearbox. This makes up for better weight-balancing than gasoline-powered vehicles.

It is one reason why some electric scooters can weigh as low as 28 pounds. But, there are more comfortable options with wider tires, comfortable seating space, etc.

And the ride quality is competent and comparable to gas-powered two-wheelers.

Plus, there is a reduction in vibrations, noise, and extra weight. This makes the ride even more comfortable for all body types. One can easily use EVs as an alternative to petrol-fuel vehicles for long commutes.

  1. Electric Vehicles Fail at Offering Credible Ride Safety 

It is crucial to know that electric scooters are safe to ride. In fact, many countries mark them safer than gasoline-powered two-wheelers.

Credible electric scooter brands ensure meeting the highest form of road safety standards. And, of course, they follow the government-regulated safety standards.

Some of the key ride safety components include:

Disc brakes; headlights, indicators, taillights, horn, durable built, wide tires, visors, leg-guards, etc.

So, the ride safety of electric scooters is as robust as other fuel-powered scooters.

  1. The Electric Scooters are Super Slow 

It is silly to think that electric scooters can’t achieve competent top speeds.

Many manufacturers make electric bikes that compete alongside regular bikes on racing tracks.

Even the regular full-size electric scooters offer decent speeds of up to 35 miles/hour. This is quite appropriate for urban use while ensuring higher ride safety standards.

The full-size electric scooters also sport competent acceleration, torque, and pickup speeds.

So, you are not disappointed by the scooter’s speed, whether you wish to cruise in your neighborhood, use it for the daily commute, or on highways.

Moreover, these decent speed limits offer high energy efficiency. So, your charging lasts longer, and you save on the charging cost.

  1. Electric Scooters Are Way Too Expensive than Gasoline-powered Vehicles

Akin to regular vehicles, the cost of electric scooters also varies as per the features. And if you check the price of electric scooters, it doesn’t shoot beyond your budget.

The lifetime cost of owning electric scooters is far less than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Charging Cost: 

Compared to the refueling cost of regular vehicles, electric scooters have a minor charging cost.

That said, you save on the regular commute cost and lifetime cost.

Maintenance Cost: 

A popular myth doing rounds is that electric vehicles have high maintenance costs. But, the truth is completely different.

EVs have no complex engine mechanics, need no oil change, gearbox cleaning, etc.

That said, the maintenance cost of electric vehicles is almost insignificant.

That’s plentiful cost savings.

  1. Electric Scooters are Easier to Steal 

A full-size electric vehicle weighs almost 100 to 140 pounds, which isn’t easy to steal. Plus, the vehicle is likely to have an anti-theft mechanism.

But, the lightweight, small-tire electric scooters weigh around 28 to 35 pounds.

This makes them a little vulnerable to theft, and you need to park them in the right security arrangement.

But, to curtail this shortcoming, most electric scooters come integrated with anti-theft mechanisms.

So, whenever there is a theft attempt, the system alerts the vehicle owner. It can raise the alarm or even send alerts on the owner’s smartphone.

Moreover, the vehicle stops responding with an anti-theft tire-locking system.

Anyways, you are most likely to use secure parking for your general scooters and bicycles. And you would also cover them under anti-theft insurance. So, an electric scooter is no different.

  1. Electric Scooters Aren’t a Practical Fit for Daily Commute

It is time to bust yet another myth that electric scooters aren’t the right fit for daily commutation.

It has been several years now since electric scooters have come into the mainstream.

In 2021, the combined sales of electric scooters and bicycles reached 50 million units. And by 2023, electric two-wheelers would constitute 8% of the total no. of two-wheelers on the road.

Moreover, manufacturers aren’t betting upon a single style of electric scooter. But there is a plethora of styles, sizes, and features. The common types of electric scooters are:

  • Standing electric scooters: 

These are lightweight scooters that are ideal for cruising in the neighborhood.

  • Thin-tire, seat-comfort electric scooters: 

Here the rider can enjoy sitting comfort akin to the regular scooters. Users usually prefer them for short rides and tourism.

  • Full-size, seat-comfort electric scooters: 

These scooters offer you the same ride experience as a general gasoline-powered scooter. And these befit your daily commute requirements. Also, these are generally fat-tire scooters that work on all types of road conditions.

  1. They Are Highly Likely to Fail If They Get Wet

Considering that electric scooters are a mainstream mode of transportation, this myth has no stand.

One can safely use the electric two-wheelers even during rains and on beaches. The battery and wiring sit below a perfectly sealed water-resistance casing.

And you shouldn’t forget that the regular vehicles also have a similar battery setup alongside the engine.

That said, you can only expect failure in both types of vehicles when fully submerged in water. I hope this wholly perishes your concern about electric vehicles’ mainstream use!


6 Reasons Why Surging Fuel Price is Increasing Electric Scooter Demand


The price of fuel and volatile global economies are major factors that influence the demand for electric scooters. The rise in gas prices has pushed people to switch to electric scooters. Very few people today prefer cars or motorcycles.

The sale of electric scooters increased significantly in Q4 2020, with a 41.6% increase in year-over-year sales compared to Q4 2019. The U.S. saw the largest increase with 35%, while international sales increased by 197%.

In addition, environmental concerns have been increasing around the world. As a result, both public and private transportation systems are using cleaner sources of energy.

Let’s look at a few reasons in detail why the demand for electric scooters has increased over the years.

1. Worldwide Energy Shortage

Fossil fuels are a nonrenewable source of energy, and this is what we’ve been using for thousands of years. It stands to reason that eventually, the supplies are going to run out.

This has had a pronounced effect on total energy from a global perspective. We have a severe shortage of energy that is only getting worse. Consumption has been outpacing production all over the world.

Coal and crude oil stocks are rapidly depleting in many countries. This has a domino effect which results in surges in pricing. This is an upward climbing trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Unless, of course, alternative fuels or electricity is adopted as the standard or become more common.

With improving technology, electric power has become much more viable in recent times. Today’s batteries are much cheaper than before and hold more energy in the same form factor.

2. Price For Crude Oil Is Skyrocketing

Crude oil prices are increasing rapidly, and they might even go higher. OPEC has recently decided to tighten the supply of crude oil in the market. What this means is that oil prices are increasing and don’t appear to ease up.

The reason behind the decision is that OPEC wants to reduce competition in the crude oil market. This can help keep their pricing stable. Many factors contribute to the fluctuating prices of oil, and it comes down to supply and demand.

This problem is further exacerbated through the increased production of ICE vehicles. It is one reason why more countries are adopting electric power going forward. They don’t have to rely on the volatile pricing of already expensive fossil fuels. Stopping the consumption of fossil fuels also improves the quality of the environment.

3. Post-Pandemic Recovery Has Been Slow

The oil and gas industry was struggling from decreasing fuel sales caused by COVID. A major part of the drop was due to supply problems. The closure of several refineries in late 2020 severely reduced U.S. crude oil production. The deficit was more than a billion barrels per day, and so it was difficult to recover.

While there are talks about how they could bounce back before 2024, most of these are permanent. This further puts stress on existing crude oil production, increasing the price even more.

COVID is not the only problem; oil and gas were under pressure even before the pandemic struck. Several countries have plans to fully electrify their automobiles by 2030. This means the industry will slowly phase internal combustion engines out of existence.

4. Unexpected Weather Patterns

Harsh winter has been tough on refineries in 2021. To meet the demand for oil, refineries have been running at higher capacity and have been unable to keep up with other seasonal demands for gasoline and diesel.

As a result, gas prices have surged by about 30 cents a gallon between January and February. The reason is that a lack of available refined products has led to a drawdown of inventories globally. This is clear at terminals that distribute fuel into the pipeline system.

This winter has been really tough on refineries, and they have taken a hit so far this year. The number of days that refineries were forced to reduce their production output rose by nearly 10% in the first quarter compared to last year.

5. Stimulus Checks Increase Spending

Stimulus checks are another factor to consider when it comes to the larger picture. $1.9 trillion is going to be injected into the economy for COVID relief. The unforeseen consequence of this is that it increases the price of gas for the consumer.

It is estimated that this increased wealth could result in additional demand of about 200k barrels of crude oil every day. Since oil and gas production is already struggling with closures and other related issues, this could drive the price up even higher.

The rising prices of gasoline could mean that people have much less money to spend on other essentials. This is a vicious cycle that people can stop with the adoption of electric vehicles.

6. Demand For Gasoline Isn’t Slowing Down

The gasoline demand is not slowing down, and in fact, it’s increasing at a steady rate. The United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts that the demand for gasoline will increase by 1% each year through 2040.

In spite of this steady increase in the need for gas, some trends may cause people to drive less and buy less gas in the future. One trend is an increase in electric vehicles.

In 2017, about 17% of new vehicles bought were E.V.s compared to only 2% ten years ago. As more people switch to E.V.s, that number is likely to increase. But this increase pales in comparison to the number of ICE cars that are bought. 14.3 million ICE vehicles were acquired in the U.S. alone in 2020.


6 Health Benefits of Using Electric Scooters


Electric scooters are the new way to commute around town. They are an economical, fun, and environmentally friendly way to travel.

An increasing number of people are suffering from obesity and other health issues. It has become necessary to switch to a more active and sustainable way of commuting. Electric scooters can be an excellent alternative to the conventional ones that we use every day.

Not only are they eco-friendly, but also they help you get in shape while getting from one place to another. We’ve put together a list of reasons electric scooters are great for everyday city riding and your health.

1. Accelerates Weight Loss

Obesity is on the increase worldwide because of sedentary lifestyles and other factors. We may never be able to completely stop this trend, but we can try our hardest to mitigate it. Millions of people are fighting back by using electric scooters as a means of transportation to work or school each day.

A study found that electric scooters can help users lose weight up to ten times faster than exercise. Although electric scooters have been around for a while, they have only recently become popular.

Scooter riders will burn calories while having fun and enjoying the outdoors. Riding an electric scooter is a great way to get daily exercise without needing a gym or getting sweaty. If you want to get in shape but dread going to the gym, consider picking up an electric scooter today!

2. Decreases Stress

The biggest problem we face is stress. We all need ways to reduce stress and avoid it. Many people use scooters as a great way to get around town and avoid traffic. It is not only convenient but saves time and money on gas or public transportation.

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, students who commute on electric scooters feel less stressed when they arrive at school. There are several reasons why this happens. You don’t have to worry about a parking space, and electric scooters are small and convenient.

Electric scooter riders don’t have to worry about the noise related to an ICE vehicle. They are also aware that they contribute to reducing emissions around their environment.

3. Increases Core Muscle Strength

An electric scooter can give you stronger legs and a core. An electric scooter is a perfect tool for getting some exercise, especially if you need to travel distances that are too far to walk but too close to drive or ride an actual bike.

Studies have shown that people who ride scooters for half an hour on average have better musculature. This was especially evident on their core and legs. Since you need to balance yourself on these scooters, you naturally improve your core strength.

4. Improves Flexibility

An e-scooter is a brilliant tool for improving your flexibility. It flexes your spine to lean forward and stretch out your leg muscles. This helps you develop a better range of motion in your hips, knees, ankles, and shoulders.

It’s true that regularly riding an e-scooter will make your body more flexible. One reason is there are some muscle groups involved in this sport that are usually inactive. They are the hip flexors and hamstrings, and working on them can improve your flexibility tremendously.

Scooters are also great for improving blood flow through smaller vessels in the body. These might otherwise be neglected during normal exercise routines. Whether you’re just starting out or have been riding one for years, it’s good to give yourself some variety once in a while.

5. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is essential for many things that we do in our daily lives, like playing sports or driving. An e-scooter can improve your hand-eye coordination because it makes you use both of your hands to steer the scooter.

Cars do not engage the physical side of your body at all. It’s basically like sitting on a couch that you can drive around. Regular bikes put more emphasis on one hand, usually the right hand. This means that the left side of your body isn’t getting as much exercise as it should.

An electric scooter trumps both of the modes of transportation when it comes to it being more physical. E-scooters are also safer than regular bikes because they are smaller and have a lower center of gravity. This makes them easier to control if you happen to lose your balance.

6. Corrects Posture

Posture is something that all of us need to pay attention to today. With 9-5 office jobs being the norm, most of us are glued to our computers all throughout the day. This can result in bad posture, and several issues arise because of this.

Electric scooters help improve posture. In many cases, bad posture can lead to problems like joint deformities and even slipped or dislocated discs in adults. Electric scooters can prevent these issues by improving your posture while riding them.

And since scooting can improve your balance and core strength, it naturally results in better posture. The best part is that you don’t need to dedicate time to do this. Your daily commute to and from your workplace is enough to correct your posture.

Advantages of Using Fat Tire Electric Scooters


Electric scooters

Micro mobility has arrived!

A new wave of small personal vehicles has hit the scooter industry. Electric scooters are personal, spacious, and less time-consuming for traveling shorter distances. People have become more accepting of these glorified toy bikes that appear on bike lanes and can bypass the traffic.


Evolution of Electric Scooters (E-Scooters) or Micro Mobility

When we talk about micro mobility, we don’t talk only about the size of the vehicle. We also discuss features like passenger load, power capacity, maximum or minimum speed ranges of the fat tire e-scooters. It helps to think that fat tire fat tire e-scooters are regular bicycles but motorized to get more traction.

Urban transportation in the USA already has a dedicated space for bikes. It is in these lines that most innovation can occur, with fat tire e-scooters being the beginning.

E-scooters are an example of what automobile industry leaders can achieve. New sleeker designs are expected to hit the market soon.

Pandemic has brought the aspect of shared commutes to light. People are hesitant to use shares transport such as cabs and subways. It is being predicted that people might shift towards a more independent type of transportation.

E-scooters are more park-able and more sensible than a bicycle. Also, they are more affordable when compared to traditional motorcycles. More power seems to flow towards fat tire e-scooters who have a bright future.


Past and Future Together

E-scooters have roots going back to at least two centuries, with bicycles leading the way. The 1990s saw the razor kick scooter, and then came the small electric motors of various types.

These included skateboards, hoverboards, and roller skates. But the last few years saw great mileage in eco-solutions taking over urban mobility. The latest fat tire e-scooters use GPS tracking and battery connectivity.

The commercial launch of fat tire e-scooters happened years ago, and there has been an impressive scale-up of sales in the market. Autonomous driving, connectivity, and electrification of lightweight vehicles is the next chapter the automotive industry has begun writing.

From 2006 to 2012, fat tire electric scooters contributed to one percent of the annual bike sales. In 2013, 1.85 lakh US customers purchased them. It is estimated that more people from the urban part of the US will adopt the e-scooter culture.

With more people shifting their focus to lightweight vehicles, the public transportation system may take a hit.


Impact of E-Scooters on Two-Wheeler Industry

The two-wheeler industry has a bright future because of the innovations it is brought into practice and fat tire electric scooters being just a part of it.

The exact impact of fat tire electric scooters on the two-wheeler industry is hard to explain as this part of the automobile industry is still growing. One thing that stands out for sure is the adaptability ratio. The new fat tire electric scooters are more potent in design and usage.


Advantages of fat tire electric scooters


  1. Portability: Did you think you could pick up your ride, lock, and stash it in a corner? E-scooters are highly portable, and this feature gave more power to personal transport. They are light, easy to fold and store. Motorized bikes are great, but you would need a license to take them out and about.
  2. Eco-friendly: Since when did transportation become eco-friendly? This question can get tossed in the past because fat tire electric scooters redefine the measures taken to tackle global warming.  E-scooters give out reduced emissions and are leading the revolution by being front runners of eco-friendly modes of transport. They are affordable and bio-conscious, which makes them great traveling companions.
  3. Noise pollution: Apart from fat tire electric scooters, every other mode of transport emits noise. E-scooters are the new whisper-quiet transport option that takes you places but silently. Your neighbor who works late into the night and is sleeping next door wouldn’t hear a thing every time you use your e-scooter as it doesn’t make a jarring sound.
  4. Movement: Transport did make us lazy and immobile, but fat tire electric scooters turned this around. An e-scooter might not help you with cardio but does help you find balance. The small distances covered to socialize or get to work can be taken via fat tire electric scooters. They help in activating the core and improving balance. Also, they are an excellent substitute for chairs and car seats, don’t you agree?
  5. Safety: You can step off the e-scooter to avoid tripping or bumping accidents. E-scooters can be fast and fun, but they also let you be in control to feel more safe and secure. Cycles, roller skates, or hoverboards do not offer immediate brake solutions like fat tire electric scooters.


Two-wheelers are a personal option that people love to exercise. It remains to be seen if the two-wheeler industry can address the issues like seasonal challenges and insurances. All-in-all fat tire e-scooters have become a part of our fast-paced lives.

Give us a call at (858) 769-6450 to know more about fat tire scooters.


Why are Electric Scooters Gaining Popularity in the Market?


What if there is a way to save both money and humanity?

Wait, wait! This is the real thing — this is about fat tire electric scooters. And it is time you knew more about them.


Why So?

The world is finally waking up to the fact that it can indeed escape the chokehold of fossil fuels. This is because of the recent developments in the electric vehicle segment.

E-vehicle technology has become more reliable recently. Better motors give them power on a par with their combustion engine counterparts. Better batteries give them greater range. And, better electronics help them weather the elements.

Nonetheless, many of us are still skeptical about the reliability of these machines. Here, we discuss why fat tire electric scooters are the next big thing and why they are gaining popularity.


The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted almost everything human. One of them is transportation. For decades, major cities have been asking their residents to use public transportation. They wanted to reduce traffic congestion caused by cars hauling just one person.

When the pandemic hit, however, traveling in crowded public transports became suddenly dangerous!

This situation brought the benefits of the humble e-scooter into sharp relief. They are compact and offer ridiculously cheap travel. If one doesn’t want to buy one, one can rent it from companies like Lime, Bird, or Spin. These tiny machines significantly reduced the cost of observing social distancing.


Savior of Cities

If you live and work in a city, you know that reaching your workplace is an everyday battle. A major contributor to these traffic snarls is cars on short-distance trips. 46 percent of cars plying the US roads are on trips of fewer than three miles.

Electric scooters have become the balm for this urban predicament. Compact and portable e-scooters give their riders flexibility no other vehicle can. What’s more, governments around the world are also prioritizing them over petrol scooters. For example:

  1. A) Milan will transition 35 kilometers of normal roads to paths for walking and cycling.
  2. B) Paris turns fifty kilometers of its roads into bicycle lanes. It plans to spend $325 million to upgrade its bicycle lanes.


Fun Factor 

Yes, they save money, but there is something else that makes fat tire electric scooters so appealing — fun. You see, most of us have used push scooters in our childhood, and, boy oh boy, we enjoyed them like anything!

When e-scooters hit markets, many adults got a chance to relive this experience. And, save the planet while at it!

Moreover, the machine is light and compact, meaning you can use it to get around most of the city. They are also fast enough (up to around 15mph) to get you to your destination in time.



Now, let’s home in on the biggest appeal of fat tire electric scooters — stopping climate change on its track. Awareness about environmental protection is increasing by leaps and bounds. People want to cut back on their carbon footprint. And e-scooters give them a viable option to do so. What’s more, they also save lots of money in the form of fuel expenditure. So, it’s a win-win for both the Earth and us!

Also, the carbon footprint left behind by their manufacturing is a fraction of that of cars. New technologies, especially in batteries, give new iterations of e-scooters a greater lifespan. All these features combine to make e-scooters appealing to the young and the old alike.


Ease of Operation, Maintenance 

We come to the last and often overlooked advantage. Anybody can operate an electric scooter, provided they are above 18 years of age and hold a license. The machine is foldable, and you can carry it with just one hand. This is a tremendous boost to mobility in a cityscape, dotted with curbs and steps.

As for maintenance, an electric scooter has fewer parts. This means fewer chances of your machine breaking down. Anyone, regardless of their mechanical savviness, can thus operate one.


Advantages of Electric Scooters over Petrol Scooters

Electric vehicles are, surprisingly, not a new phenomenon. They have been around since the first half of the nineteenth century. (Remember, this was a time when horses still ruled the streets!)

Nonetheless, they failed to impact human mobility as the internal combustion engine did. People were not ready; some argue.

Well, guess what, people are ready now (though they took a full one-and-a-half-century for that!). This article discusses what makes people transition from petrol scooters to e-scooter.


Saves a Lot of Money

The greatest advantage an electric scooter has over petrol one is running cost. You can save a lot of money by not spending a penny on petrol for your daily commute.

With fuel prices going through the roof, this benefit of fat tire electric scooters is turning a lot of heads. Also, fat tire electric scooters are the most affordable e-vehicle in the market right now. You can buy one for under just $100!


Comfortable Commute

There is hardly any vibration or noise, unlike those combustion-engine scooters. Since they don’t need any fossil fuel, there is no noxious exhaust. You don’t have to worry about changing oil or coolant. Since there are fewer parts, the chances of your e-scooter conking off are also fewer.

Another aspect that should come under comfort is that you can carry them! Yes, many e-scooters (the push-scooter type especially) are foldable.

This means that there is no place you can’t get to in a city with an electric scooter. If you run into steps, just fold it and carry it till you reach a path conducive to its operation.


Charging Time is Not a ‘Disadvantage’

Critics of fat tire electric scooters often highlight their charging time as a major drawback. But, to someone who commutes just 10km daily, this is hardly a disadvantage. You can charge your scooter either at home or office. The power consumption is pretty low, and you will not even notice a change in your electricity bill.

Moreover, governments are building charging ports and allied infrastructure for e-scooters. Meanwhile, they are also mulling the idea of battery-swapping. If the latter method finds currency, you can ‘refuel’ an electric scooter much faster.


4) As Eco-friendly as They Come 

Now let’s address the elephant in the room — fat tire electric scooters don’t pollute. They have zero-emission and thus eco-friendly. If you care about climate change and the threats they pose, then an electric scooter is just the thing for you.

The adoption of fat tire electric scooters (or any electric vehicle) will also set off a domino effect. The climate-change debate is forcing governments to rid power grids of traditional plants.

The heavyweight among these plants is coal and crude burning thermal power stations. Such plants spew tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere every second.


5) Breaking Sedentary Lifestyle

This might sound ludicrous, but when was the last time you stood for some time? With time, humanity spends more and more time sitting and less and less time standing. Nowadays, you can do almost everything sitting down.

This is one habit that fat tire electric scooters intend to break. Traveling on your e-scooter (push-scooter type) standing up helps you improve your balance. And the more body balance you have, the higher is your mobility and health. Now, this doesn’t mean that you can skip your workout! No, but transitioning to an e-scooter from your petrol one is indeed a start to a healthier life.


Safer Mode of Transport

Electric scooters (especially those push-scooter types of childhood fame!) make you feel safer. This is because you don’t have to ‘climb’ onto a two-wheeler as in the case of bikes and motorcycles; you just step on to them. So, when there is a threat of collision, you just have to step off the scooter.


Parking, Flexibility

Electric scooters are compact little machines that you can park almost everywhere. They don’t take up much space and thus less likely to obstruct the passage of others.

You don’t want to park it outside?

No problem! You can fold it (much like you fold a foldable bike) and carry it indoors.



It is not true that e-scooters require entirely new infrastructure. Most cities around the world already have infrastructure conducive to e-scooters. You can use the bicycle paths of your city to ride your e-scooter. And many countries around the world are transitioning car lanes to e-scooter lanes.

You see, we are on a threshold to a great change. It is the change for a better and healthier future. Our decisions now are going to determine how closely we bring that future. So, decide accordingly. Give us a call at (858) 769-6450 to know more about fat tire scooters.

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